Loud!! More!! Yes!! - 12" Vinyl / Download

Loud! More! Yes!!
- via BandCamp
12" vinyl / Download

The first in a series of Vinyl, CD and Download releases on Class A Audio Records. Liverpool. England. Re-issued now on POSTMUSIC.

1a. Germlin - Ghetto Back'r.
- Germlin is a kylie sized white male operating from Glasgow,Scotland. He's been making back to the future wonktronica on his equally kylie sized laptop for some time. He's also one half of Gay Against You. He first came to Class A Audio in Feb 2006 while touring with a crew of Japanese noise makers Ovenaxx/Dododoo/Gulpepsh/ Marouso/Scotch Egg after releasing an amazing thousand mile frantically composed punk rock record of 1000000mph Blips,Wooo's and Pings on Hackney based Adaadat Records.
www.joe-howe.com - www.adaadat.com.

2a. Dj Scotch Egg - Scotch Sundance.
Very Friendly/Wrong/adaadat. 2007
Over the last 3 years, thousands of people fell in love and experienced an enormous feeling of joy after seeing a overly wise looking man from Osaka putting on a display of some of the most seriously extreme classical Gabber hop noise known to the western world using only a Gameboy and a handful of 8bit cartridges. his debut release also on Adaadat was a furious affair, since then he's played almost constantly all over Uk, Europe & Japan and has recently dropped a follow up LP to KFC Core called Scotch Hausen, now available on ery Friendly/Wrong/Adaadat records, it is furious! yes! but also partly the calmest of calm pixel precise gameboy orchestrated tunes.

3a. Stig Noise Sound System - Bassbins @ 4am.
Stig Noise vs a.P.A.t.T. split 12".Class A Audio. 2007.
happy Noisey BrassCore? Beardy Wonk Step? Fugarial Wu Bang? The 14 armed Class A Audio house band play self designed loud using Dubplates, trumpets, fuzzy guitars, Hawaiian steels, beats,bass,drums peppered with northern behavioural problems spread thickly and baked since 1999 when 3 incapables set out to become both many in number and almost entirely capable. Beatbox supplied by Osaka Noisision Gulpepsh.

4a. Filastine - Gold Yeller.
Unreleased Burn It Sessions,Soot/Post Industry. 2006.
Wandering producer of fine grade Arabic Beats & Blends from street musicians to Brazilain drum groups. Debut long player, ‘Burn It’ was the sum of a years work, released on acclaimed DJ Rupture's Soot Records label in 2006 and Filastine began what has become a non-stop tour of the western and eastern world... recording native instrumentation and words as he travels and mixing them up in percussive based live shows from Burning Man in Californian desert To an aircraft hanger in Birmingham.crafted Loops and Beats squeezed through a Bullhorn (a what?) , a Megaphone! & strapped to a shopping trolley...

5a. Suitable Case For Treatment - Cow feat. the C4 news reader John Snow.Unreleased.
That ain't a even a sample!!! John snow travelled to their house in Oxford to record after they all met at a book festival. They also performed it together live on Richard and Fucking Judy late last year! ha! . in 2006 Suitable Case travelled 200 miles to Liverpool to play Class A Audio.. they had a rough journey, squashed into a friends car they arrived late, just in time to set up, they composed and began to release their immense tribal story telling surf music.. 40 seconds into the magical show, the ringleader dropped to the floor like a dead weight and had a furious epileptic fit in front of the large audience.... who stood opened mouthed for what felt like an hour. and then....
they clapped.

1b. a.P.A.t.T. - Avajibber. Black & White Mass.
Pickled Egg. 2007.
Avajibber.. Avajibber...Avajibber.... Its not even a word.. yet I've watched grown adults mouth it as if it held all the seriousness of a catholic prayer... a.P.A.t.T. are maannnny things to mannny people. It has recently been discoed they’ve been recording almost solidly for the last 2 years, spewing & haemorrhaging equally beautiful and rancid music, yet saying nothing to nobody, simply hiding it away. We had to fight like Chuck Norris vs Chuck D to get this off them before it merged into the other 9 hours of perfect audio due to be released on Pickled Egg, Class A Audio & Chinchilla throughout 2007.

2b. Shitmat - Dc Beech vs The Children Of The Sun.
Unreleased. Wrong Music.
- A man walks into a local record dealer and asks the guy behind the counter “ I'm looking for this track I heard at a party in Brighton last week, it starts off like the theme
tune from The Bill but with Iron Maiden riffs mixed in, the chorus comes on like Star Wars, but still with the Thrash Step undertones, then it goes into.. We are the children of the sun… its about a minute long. Do You Know the one?“. Audio dealers says to the man at his counter, “Get the fuck outta my shop”.

3b. Donna Summer - Done Today What you Do Tomorrow.
Unreleased. CockRockDisco.
- Jason Forrest was chased from his native USA by angry hillbilly southerners after years of producing unimaginably messed up breakcore under the name Donna Summer. Exiled to the
more relaxed lands of Berlin via a stint in New York where he set up and now operates his label Cock Rock Disco. Some say he is the a master of the Breakcore composition, specialising in the more extreme punk rock nature of dance music, cramming fistfuls of borrowed/found samples and songs into a laptop and shitting them out in unrecognisable forms through sounds systems
around the world.
www.myspace.com/jasonforrest - www.cockrockdisco.com

4b. Kling Klang - Flying Hotel.
Live @ Drop out, South London 2006.
- Kling Klang operated in early part of this decade as a synth & drums experiment between chums in Liverpool. Luck would have it the experiment turned into an incredible band that bloomed into an
scouse/kraut rock urban myth. An album waited to be released on Mogwai’s Rock Action records for nearly 3 years while nothing was seen or heard of KK until Nov 2006 when ‘The Esthetik Of Destruction’ fell from the sky’s, the pure signal seas parted the waters of the Mersey & they played a handful of shows recording this track live with Westminister Brown ( Tim Chimp)
at a release party in Drop Out Studio’s, Camberwell in Dec ‘06.
www.myspace.com/superposition - www.klingklang.co.uk

5b. Soeza -Use Of Globes.
Unreleased. Gringo Records.2007.
- Two Drummers, French horns, stream of consciousness rants from boys and girls. Threes simply something very special and eerily warming about what SOEZA do. A South westerners releasing records on various labels including the renowned Gringo Records of Nottingham.
www.myspace.com/soeza - www.soeza.pullthestrings.co.uk