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We have re-released our 12" Vinyl in a new set on Limited Edition mailers Screenprinted by Fave Muslim.

includes new releases too! !!

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 12" Vinyl / CD / Download

12" Vinyl / CD / Download

12" Vinyl / CD / Download

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12" Vinyl / Download


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Release Date
PArties > SounD SySTem > PRinTinG > AudIDO RecORDinG> ToUr LOGIstiCs> DrUMmIng / SHouTINg
Has now merged forces and rolls as POSTMUSIC >>> get on to it.
Company Overview
We have been stumbling around putting on messed up parties, arranging concerts and helping release amazing records of the finest lines of wonky live music we can find ...

When i write 'we' im fully inclusive of the shows that have been put on under the names 'StraightOuttaClapton' in Hackney, London 1999-2003 'The Red Room' 2004 & 'Class A Audio' Liverpool 2005 - 2008 
our skills become melded with others since 2008 we have been running with POSTMUSIC & formed DDTDB CREW in 2010.

Any measure of success that can be salvaged or pinned to the existence of Class A Audio has been the combined efforts of more people than i can even remember... and a true love of strange and the amazing underground music that exists in this world amoungst all the tat...
maybe also many many many hours of hard / tedious effort, skills and sacrifice from a handful of good people... a few shit vans... a thousand or so gigs... resulting in a history of joyful occasions.

Class A Audio began as a party with a shit old sound system in Bar Fresa in Liverpool in April 2005 with Shitmat, a.P.A.t.T. and our own efforts in musical entertainment, Stig Noise. 
Shiggy ( Dj Scotch Egg didnt turn up. lazy man. Shitmat to this day still claims this to be his favourite ever show. It was pretty messy night.

This night became a bunch of other nights, became a bunch more, became a bunch more, became some 12" releases, became a bunch more shows and parties all over Liverpool -> Bar Fresa (precious!) , The Pilgrim(Studenty) , The Zanzibar (fuk you!) , Liverpool University Guild (Commercial!), The Magnet (bad sound!) , The ManMuseum (Dark!) , Next To Knowhere (Friendly/bit smelly!), The Swan (metal!) , Mello Mello ( precious!) as our sound system got pretty loud it got werked hard with good people like Crack Zombie, Defcon, Messuggy, No Excusses, Engine, Jasboff and loads of things i cant remember to write down, class A audio became friends and aware of the good things being done in liverpool by loads of different awesome people and bands.

With the meeting of many awesome people and feeling less and less need to put on as many shows in what is now a healthy liverpool diy scene (or something) we are entertaining the notion of being a Vinyl only label.. like when we decided to be a cdr only label 9 years ago.. but better :) but about exacally the same budget. ..

We also took our own collective 6-9 piece band Stig Noise Sound System on tour around europe for a year.

Our Sound System exists because people hired it, so we could afford to make it better.

The Parties exist because they were good and people came to them so they got better,

The Releases on Vinyl, CD & Download exist cause we released one and people bought it so we can afford to do another.

We hope to always continue in this manner no matter what name we run under or where we are... but slowly.. always slowly and we plan to do more in the series of Limited Edition 12" vinyl / CD / Downlaod / USB / DVD relases as it is possible.

our first release was in May 2007:

Loud! More! Yes!! 12"

1> Germlin Ghetto-Backpack'r.
2> Dj Scotch Egg-Scotch Sundance 3.
3> Stig Noise - Bass Bins at 4am.
4> Filastine - Gold Yella.
5> Suitable Case For Treatment - Cow.

1> a.P.A.t.T. - Avvajibber.
2> Shitmat - DC beech vs The Children of Sun.
3> Jason Forest - Done 2day What You Do 2moro.
4> Kling Klang - Flying Hotel (live)
5> Soeza - Use Of Globes.


Also that year we compiled a CD BIG DOG SCARY MIX:
Dj Bastard Cunt, Mugstar, Horacio Pollard, Michael Jargson, Immigrants, Ital Tek, marousa, Anigman, Loz Koleszko, Babar Luck, Big Joan, 1UP , Peev'd Albini, Phulopium dude, Team Brick, Barr.

its an awesome (grrr!) record :)


In 2008 we released a long talked about immense split 12" vinyl ep, between a.P.A.t.T and Stig Noise Sound System.
A Limited edition 12" / CD / Download release in hand screen mailer and various nice bits of artwork :) ... its an awesome record.

a.P.A.t.T. vs Stig Noise Sound System
12" / CD / Download

>Purple Ackee.
>This Little Piggy.
>Pissing The Shit Off The Bowl.

Stig Noise Sound System:
>Attack, Attack, Attack, Attack, Attack.
>Lou Reed Called Twice Today Already.
>Bass Bins Pour 4am.
>When Chit Became Chat.

 Other projects from our crew;

-> DROP The DumBULLS. (2015)
DROP The Dumbells. (2012)
-> POSTMUSIC Liverpool
-> PMtv
-> Dont Drop The Dumbells(2010)
-> Creep Arriva Cinema (2009)
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